Calculating Averages

To show that I was able to calculate averages with a large data set I used information on the learners who have attended Swansea ITeC over 12 months.

I first had to separate the learners into the different months that they started at the centre and then into the different learning groups;

  1. Other WBL – 2
  2. Engagement – 3
  3. Traineeships – 10
  4. Steps to employment – 31
  5. Foundation apprenticeships L2 – 28
  6. Apprenticeships L3 – 9

Once I did this, I then;

  1. Totaled the amount of learners for each month and groups
  2. Calculated the mean and mode averages
  3. Worked out the range

There were a total of 83 learners for the year over 6 different routes. I have worked out the averages and range using hand calculations and then checked them with a calculator to make sure that they were correct.

I created a spreadsheet to sort all the data into the different months and groups before I did the calculations as this was easier to organize the information. I used 3 different excel worksheets to do this as it was easier to arrange the data. I formatted the different learning groups and months with different shading to aide identification of the data.

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