Application of Number Project Review

What decisions did you make at the start of the project?

I gathered my data from various sources, such as:

  • My own knowledge of the system
  • The built in features of windows
  • Various external applications such as PassMark and Belark Advisor

I needed my data to be very recent in order to gain accurate and reliable results.

I also needed to work out the various statistics and numerical data required to conclude whether an upgrade would be more beneficial and cost effective than that of a replacement system.

Describe your methods?

I gathered my information by first getting system data, such as system specifications and details. I then used various diagnostic equipment (Such as the windows performance monitor) in order to gather some average data from when the system is under load so that I have benchmarks to compare the proposed system changes to. Next, using software such as PassMark and Belarc Advisor, I gathered a more accurate list of my current system’s specifications and then used various online merchants to find cost-effective upgrades. I then compared the outcomes of this to that of purchasing a new system with approximately the same price range. Finally, I wrote my conclusion and project summary.

How you checked your work?

I used my existing knowledge as well as that of online reviewers and experts in order to validate my findings

Any errors you found, how you found them and what you did about them

I found various errors, such as invalid/random spikes in data usage, through the use of the various benchmarking features and then chose whether or not to use the data in my findings.

Any graphs or diagrams you changed to make them more understandable

I removed the various unnecessary features included with my benchmarking charts in order to better understand it.

Any results that were unexpected and how you checked they were accurate

I found that the current system was incorrectly configured with a 32bit system, I validated this by comparing that against the necessary system requirements of the hardware.

Explain the graphs you used

I used various graphs to illustrate my data in a more understandable and logical manner, such as a line graph for component performance during use.

Why those types?

I used the chosen types for my graphs as they seemed the most appropriate to illustrate the changing values over a given timeframe.

What data was more obvious when shown on a graph?

I found the system use over time to be more prominent when illustrated using a graph as it made it easier to pinpoint when the system was in use for different software, during an idle stage or under random load.

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  1. ryanadamsitec says:

    This is to only go against my evidence for use with my ICT qualification

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