Yesterday we learn’t how to programme and control a robot. We used a software called Lego mine storms to make the robot move, rotate, avoid walls and activate the sensor. 

Before we went on the iPad to use an app called cargo bot. This app was like the software, but it was a game. We played the game so we could get used to the software Lego Mine Storms later on.

I worked in a group of 3, I found that good because we worked together as a team. We had a lot of help from the people who came in, they showed us every detail on how to control and move the robot around. The guys created a little maze with thick grey cello-tape. What we had to do was make the Robot move around inside the maze and not make it touch any of the grey cello-tape.

I enjoyed the day as I learn’t new tricks on how to programme and make a robot move. I would be interested on learning more about it some day.

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