Technocamps Review

Describe what you did during the Technocamps session.

Yesterday we build robots and used a puzzle app to solve problems.
What was the task you worked on?

We had to build a robot and solve different problems.

What software, hardware and other tools did you use?

We used the Cargo Bot app on the iPad and the Lego Mindstorm software. I found this quite hard to do.
Who helped you on the task?

We had help from the other person who was in my team who was Mollie and Ethan.
What important instructions did you need to follow in order to be successful at this task?

We had to test things out many times to see if it worked. We had to listen to instructions on how to work the software and the app.
Did working in a small group help you?

I feel it helped me as I struggled to do the work.
What parts of the day did you enjoy?
What did you find difficult or did not enjoy and why?

I didn’t enjoy using the software and the app as I didn’t understand it.
Had you done anything similar to this before?

Yes in my primary school.
Name one important thing you learned from the day.
Has this activity helped you decide if Computer Science is a subject area you would like to study further?

Yes and it isn’t.
Would you like to do further activities like Technocamps?

Not really, no.


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