Yesterday, Phil and Stewart from technocamps in Swansea University came to visit us to teach us about computer programming.

Whilst they were here we did a number of different activities including programming a robot to go around a maze and programming a robot to stop when it is 20 Cm away from a wall. We also engaged in building the robots and playing a robotic game called Cargo-Bot to help us understand how a robot works. The robots that we built were Lego Mind-storms. We were given step-by-step instructions on how to build them, we had to follow these accurately.

We worked in small groups when we were given a task and I felt this worked well.

My favorite part of the day was programming the robots to go around a maze. I have not done anything like this before but I really enjoyed the day. I would definitely like to do more technocamps activities.

Although I did enjoy the day, technocamps has not made me want to study computer science further.

One important thing that I learned from the day is computer programming can be enjoyable.

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