My first day back..

Today am I am returning back to Swansea ITeC after completing my Level 2 Apprenticeship last year to complete my Level 3 Apprenticeship. I am still at my current employer, where I have been for 2 years now. Before I started with I had began my A-Level in ICT as I have always had a keen interest in IT from a young age.
After a few months I knew that the A-Level course I was on was not the right course for me as I wanted to troubleshoot and fix PC’s instead of inputting data into SpreadSheets. My current Job Role is a Systems Engineer, each day I answer support calls over the telephone or over the remote support helpdesk and I am expected to troubleshoot and resolve computer issues. Sometimes we are required to go out on site and fix the problem on site. From this training course I would like to gain my Level 3 certificate and complete both CompTIA A+ and N+ courses.  I would like to continue working in IT in the future.

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