Mobile phone comparison

I chose to do my application of number project on mobile phones because I would like to purchase a new phone and this is a good way of comparing what is out there.

I made my project using Microsoft Word and Excel.

Within Word I used such features as hyperlinks, WordArt and changed the layout of individual pages with page breaks. I also changed the margin size to differentiate my work from others.

To obtain the information, I used and as after some research I found these to be the cheapest comparison sites. I knew these websites would be reliable as they have a good reputation and have high street stores.

When it came to copyright, I used no images but all fact-based information which I searched for using a search bar within the browser so I knew I was OK. Other links on the page directed me to latest offers.

A really useful tool that I found helped me with my project was Diigo, as it allowed me to save a webpage with its cache. This was essential as the prices of mobile phones changes frequently.

I found creating formulas and percentages quite difficult, as well as making the spreadsheets on Excel as I am not as confident with this software as I am with others. I also struggled with some of the fonts as I had to use more than one computer and not all of them had the same fonts, sometimes making my work unreadable.

I made many improvements from my 1st draft to my final draft, including the layout and overall presentation as it was a bit dull looking to begin with.  I formatted some of the number data in tables and a pie chart.  Table data is good for making comparisons and pie charts are good for showing proportions as a diagram.

I believe I could improve on this project by learning about other functions of Word and Excel that I am unaware of.

I feel the project went well and was also useful in giving me an idea of which phones would suit me best.


About rbrownitec

I am currently working at Waun Wen Primary school and come to the iTec for training fortnightly.
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