My First Blog Post

Previous Work Experience

Whilst at my comprehensive school I was required to do work experience. I found a placement at Sketty Hall, and worked there for a week. But, to be honest, there wasn’t much I learnt from my time there, so I decided upon finding another placement. I contacted the solicitor firm Hutchinson Thomas, and they took me on for a week. Whilst there I visited various courts in Swansea, and was able to watch cases whilst the lawyer I was shadowing was on the job.

Previous Use Of Computers

When I was very young my father worked for a computer technology company named Tiny, and because of this he was always using a computer – which in turn gave me the opportunity to familiarize my self with them too. From then on I was always interested in technology, and had my first desktop computer at the age of 9. This then led me to always enjoy my ICT lessons at school, and so I took the subject as one of my GCSE choices. At the end of the OCR course I received two distinctions.

Current Job Role

Although I haven’t yet started my job at Bishopston Comprehensive, I do know what my role will be whilst there. I will be required to carry out PAT testing of the equipment the school uses. I will need to help with both the school’s website and the Moodle site too. I will also be helping teach others of the software that the school uses; Sedao, Impero, Pcounter. My main role, though, will be solving any technical issues either pupils or teachers face whilst working.

Training Course

From my training course I hope to gain relevant knowledge in ICT. I hope to be able to familiarize myself with both new software and hardware too.

The Future

In the future I hope to be working within the IT industry, and I hope that my training with Swansea ITEC will help me to achieve this goal.

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One Response to My First Blog Post

  1. Leia says:

    Schools are a great place to do an apprenticeship in the technical side of IT – nice big complicated networks with a great variety of kit. Moodle is a very desirable skill for education employers these days, you should definitely consider doing a ‘restricted’ unit and using the Moodle and website stuff as the optional unit(s) of your NVQ. Pcounter also seems to be becoming very popular in schools. We’ve an apprentice in Morriston Comp who’s just in the process of implementing it across the school – be prepared to deal with lots of wound-up staff until they’re used to it is his advice! 😉

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