First Day

Hello! My name is Rhys.

This is my first day at Swansea Itec as part of the apprenticeship program. The first thing I have learned is that I should have attended my work place before coming here in the morning. Now I know!

I am 22 years old and drive my own vehicle. My license is so far, clean. I enjoy football and although I do follow the Swans, I am a fan of Portsmouth Football Club. Even though they are in the bottom division I still support them religiously. My hobbies include gaming, reading, watching television and sport.

I am currently an apprentice at AB Glass, where I am an Estimator. So far I have enjoyed my time there, although there are some days where I get stressed. I dislike not knowing what to do, but I’m slowly getting used to the fact that I am there to learn and am not expected to do everything myself. I am not a morning person and so far, waking up at 6:45 every morning in preparation for work is proving difficult. However, I have been at least 10 minutes early every day.

Today I completed some tasks to get an understanding of my skills regarding Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I felt I did quite well but struggled with PowerPoint. It has been a few years since I used PowerPoint last. I look forward to seeing my results.

I have looked over briefly what the apprenticeship will include and I look forward to challenging myself. There seems to be a lot of work that needs to go into it. There are several projects that I will need to complete, but I feel I can get through them with the right amount of effort. I may struggle due to the lack of PowerPoint at home, but there are ways around this using Word.

Stay Classy Swansea Itec!

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One Response to First Day

  1. Leia says:

    As a ‘Powerpoint workaround’ you might also want to consider OpenOffice – the Present tool in that is fairly similar.

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