My Project Write Up

Why did you use IT to complete this task?

I used IT to complete the task because I think it is the best and easiest way to test a PC. IT can be used in many ways. For example I used IT for research on Treezise and a System info tool that I used to complete my task of testing a PC’s Performance

What decisions did you make at the start of the project? e.g. where to get the data, how recent you needed it to be, what to work out, choice of topic

At the start of my project I made the decision that I wanted to do a project on Testing a PC’s Performance. To test the Performance I will run Windows Performance Monitor and opened up a variety of applications such as Chrome, Google Mail, Ran Photoshop, Opened Word and Played audio and video files to test the Performance. As soon as I have the data collected I will insert all of it into Excel. I will also then create a graph from that.

What methods, skills and resources required to complete the task successfully. Describe your methods (include HOW you did things and any changes you made. These should be almost step by step instructions for getting your answers.

To complete my task the first thing I did was do some research on the internet about the topic and what tools I will be using that my project is on. Once I did research I noted down the applications I will be using to test my PC Performance. I had to learn how to use Windows Performance Monitor and some new skills in Excel to format tables and graphs. Once I researched information I set myself five tasks that I will complete to test the performance. These tasks would allow me to use Windows Performance Monitor to see the CPU and RAM usage.


Why did you chose particular IT systems and software applications for this task?

In the process of testing my PC’s performance I decided to use Word, Excel, Treesize and Windows Performanc monitor. I decided to choose these applications because I think they were suitable for my project. For example I decided to use Word bacause it allows me to insert tables and graphs easily and stress free. It also allows me to enter more data rather than an application like notepad. Another example is Windows Perfromance Monitor. I choose this application because it is built into Windows and is trusted. It is also an easy to use tool and I dont have to go hunting online for a 3rd Party tool.


Describe the testing tools used and what data you recorded.

One of the main testing tools I used was Windows Performance Monitor. As I mentioned above, I choose this application because it was easy to use and its created by a well known compnay Microsoft. After testing my Performance with Treesize and Windows Performance Monitor the data that was collected was CPU and RAM usage in a csv file which is converted to Excel, so I can do the graphs.


What ways did you choose to automate routines to improve productivity?

I collected data using Windows Performanc Monitoring tool which could then be imported and analysed in Excel, used Diigo toolbar to automate bookmarking and annotation.


How you checked your work (e.g. own knowledge of the subject so you knew what kind of averages to expect)

I checked my work by hand and also estimated the answers to my test plan so I would have a rough idea. I also visually checked the pie charts to see if I was wrong in my estimates. Also with my hand calculations I simplifed and rounded off to make calculations easier.


Any errors you found, and how, and what you did about them
Any graphs or diagrams you changed to make them more understandable
Any results which were unexpected and how you checked that they were accurate

The only errors that occured during my project was my hand calculations. At first I didnt know how to work out the calculations, but my tutor showed me how to work them out quicker and easier. I also changed the line graph to force the access to change to 100%. My estimates allowed to have a rough idea but I over estimated.


Explain the graphs you used
– – Why those types?
– -What data was more obvious once shown on a graph? (Be specific)


When collecting data I had to make a decision to choose certain graphs. I decied to go with a line and pie chart because the line chart is more suitable for stuff that change over time and the pie chart makes it visually easier to see percentages. The most data showing in my pie chart was the operating system. I predicted this.


Review your project, does it meet the requirements of the task and are fit for purpose?
How were the IT tools you used appropriate for the task and purpose?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the project?
How could you make further improvements to the project?


When using Word I had a small issue trying to keep the fonts consistant. If I decided to use Powerpoint it would have been easier in the aspect because it would have been easier to use master slide to format each slide. But I would have had to reword all my work in bullet points. That is why I decided to go with Word. I think my projects layout has been produced well because it is easy to read and find data. If I had spare time left I would have looked for a 3rd Party testing tool.









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