Project Write Up Mentor Technology

Where do you work?

Mentor Technolgy.


How many people work with you and what are their roles?

There as 3 of us including me. Simon Foskett (Shop Manager), Rikki Nicholas (Repairs) and Andrew Meredith (Owner)


What are the typical tasks you do on a daily basis?

There are many tasks that need to be completed during each day. When a customer brings a computer into the shop. It is my job to make sure the laptop/PC gets labeled up so it doesn’t get lost or parts dont go missing. Also I usually do around 1-3 standard services jobs where I clean operating systems and junk files from customers machines.


Which parts of the job do you particularly enjoy?

I enjoy all the hardware repairs. For example I enjoy building PC’s to order. I enjoy this because it is nice to build computers set at a budget and picking the parts for the customer. I also like it when I get a very awkward problem because it becomes fun fixing the issue.


Which parts of the job do you wish you didn’t have to do?

The worst job is when customers bring Desktop PC’s that are full of dust and I need to clean all the insides.


What ways can you make your job quicker or easier to do? Do you use any automated routines, such as running scripts to fix registry errors or create shortcuts?

When fixing a machine I have a step by step routing that I follow. For example a standard serveice would cover, cleaning browser hijackers, running specialist programs to remove regisrty errors and junk files and finally checking the start up. By following this routine I tend to get the job done quicker and easier.


What would be the best way to make further improvements to the way you work?

To do further improvements I think I could make sure that I always follow my step by step process because if I ever come of track it will then take longer finishing jobs. Also I like to have around 3-5 machines on at a time to speed up jobs coming in and going out.;


What Health and Safety procedures do you need to follow in your job?

Health and Safety is very important in the workplace. One of the main procesdures is no drinks near customers machines. This is understandable because I wouldn’t want drinks splilling on conponents and causing more faults for us. Always pick items of the floor because a customer or member of staff may trip when carrying heavy machines.


Describe the different methods and procedures you use when installing or upgrading computers (include installation sources/media, licensing, configuration, testing, delivery and storage of customer equipment, and escalating problems to relevant manufacturers when required.


When upgrading a customers machine we usually ask what do they want done to it. For example a customer wants a Windows XP machine upgraded to Windows 7. I would roughly estimate the cost and give the customer a price. When upgrading to 7 we make sure they have atleast 1.5GB of RAM to run Windows 7. We tend to do this because ot makes the machine perform to its best ability. Once I have installed Windows 7 using the disc we will enter the License key off the disc and activate Windows for the customer. Obviously it aint over yet. I need to get all the drivers for the machine and then install them. Once that is complete I install a few standard applications such as Google Chrome and a free office package called Kingsoft Office. After all that is complete I will then transfer any of the customers backups onto his new upgraded machine.


How do you record the work that you do, relating to software installation and upgrade. What information is recorded?

When completing jobs we have a sheet called a work record. Whatever is done to the customers machine will get written down onto the work record. For example if the customer had a RAM upgrade I would mention that on the sheet. I would also write down any problems that have occured during the job.


What confidentiality guidelines do you need to follow when working with client machines?

When a customer brings its machine into the shop. We follow a guideline that the customers data is number 1 priority. If for example we find child porn or illegal material we have to report it. But say for example porn is found on a customers machine. We leave it because it isn’t illegal.


What range of diagnostic tools do you use to test a faulty computer?

One of the best testing tools is Hirens Boot CD. This is a live OS run from a disc that uses the machines conponents to help it run. This tool allows me to test many different conponents in the machine and also run applications such as Malwarebytes. Another example is MemTest. This is a tool that runs from disc like Hirens and tests the PC’s RAM.


What range of other tools do you use to fix faulty computers?

There are many tools that I can use to fix a faulty machine. For example Boot CD’s are very good. But I can also use actual tools like screw drivers. If for example I suspect the PSU is faulty I would plug the PSU into a Digital PSU tester.

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