Project Overview

The topic of my project was The Fall and Rise of Swansea City FC. I chose this topic because I have a lot of interest in it and I thought it would be fun to make. I used Microsoft PowerPoint to make my project.

To get my information I used Wikipedia and the official Swansea City FC website. These websites were good because there was a lot of information on there and everything I needed to know. I knew they were reliable because the Swansea City FC is official and based the information I found on Wikipedia on my own knowledge. I used websites that gave me copyright free images so that I didn’t get in trouble for using copyrighted images. I scanned through the information I found, taking all the key points and all the information I need and then put them into the project. 

What went well was the information I found because they were specific to what I wanted in my project. The difficult part of this project was looking for images as it’s hard to find images of players and the Swansea City FC badge is copyrighted so it was very difficult to find copyright images that I could use. The corrections I made was making the animations consistent, changing font size to make it look more professional and colour coding tables so it was easier to understand. I made these corrections to make the project consistent and look professional. To make the project look better I could have spent more time looking for images to use and I could have made the bar graphs look better. 

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