2nd ICT Project

The topic of my project was to get my manager to his conference in London; I was to arrange the travel and accommodation. I chose this project because it was convenient/interesting for me and allowed me to have a range of data.

The software I used was Microsoft Power Point, I used many features including layouts, font formatting and word art, I used these to make my presentation look more professional. The use of PowerPoint also allowed me to create graphs and charts within the slides instead of using Excel spreadsheets.


I got a lot of my information from the Internet, here are few examples:


These were good sites because they were the official websites for the hotels and transport methods I had chosen. They also had a simple design and were easy to read through, as well as being useful, they were reliable because the information supplied was accurate and up to date.

No information was copyrighted on either website so I was able to copy all the text and maps I needed for my project, I was able to use the find tool on my browser to find the information that I required for my project (hotels near the ExCel Centre).

I found the use of Diigo in my project was very useful for cross referencing in my project as it is an online book marking tool that can be accessed from any computer. I was able to save all of the websites I needed for my sources page using this method. What I also found useful was the information from the survey helped me to create a graph; I also used it to sort and filter the information based on male and female.

I found that searching for the hotels was difficult because there were so many hotels for me to choose with very similar rates.

In between drafts, I made changes such as word formatting and minor slide changes, I made these changes because there were some mistakes in the text and layouts.

If I was to improve on this project, I would’ve improved the initial questionnaire by asking more people on how they would prefer to travel to London as this would have given me a larger amount of data to work with.

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