Tumblr Project

General Info

What is the topic of your project?

It is about a social networking and micro-blogging website Tumblr.
Why did you choose your topic?

I am interested in Tumblr and already know some stuff about the website.
What software did you use?

I used Google Chrome and Microsoft PowerPoint. I also used the Snipping tool.
What software features did you use and why?

Extensions for Google Chrome and the features of Microsoft Powerpoint such as background gradients and Wordart.
Research (ICT1.2.1 and ICT 1.2.2)

Where did you get the information? (Name at least two sites)

Wikipedia and Creative Commons were just two of the resources that I used.

Why were these good sites to use?

As all the images on Creative Commons were copyright free and also Wikipedia is reliable.
How did you know they were reliable?

I knew because of the reviews of the website.
What did you do about copyright?

I had to find royalty free images that I could use.
Having selected the website how did you find the information within the site (e.g. use of links, skimming and scanning sub headings, find tool)

I used the find tool, also I searched Google and the site.
Review (ICT1.3.1 and ICT1.3.2)

What went well in using the IT resources and using IT in general for this project? Provide specific examples. (Don’t forget Diigo)

I included screenshots one of which was a screenshot of a Tumblr post to prove the hate that is being spread by Westboro Baptist Church.

I enjoyed using Microsoft PowerPoint as it was very familiar to use. Also Diigo was easy to use and was easy to source my information.
What was difficult in using the IT resources and using IT in general for this project? Provide specific examples.

I found it hard when I had to find copyright free images because I was very limited and therefore didn’t have much choice.
What corrections and improvements did you make between your first draft and your final? (NEW post EV July 2013)

Changes to sources.
Why did you make these changes?
How could the project be improved further if you had more time or skills?

I would find more information to inform users how it can help them.

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