First Day

I’m Dylan, this is my first blog post while here at Swansea ITEC. I’ll start with the previous IT experience I have, that being a D* in GCSE I.T.  Also as someone who plays a frequent number of PC games, I have a basic knowledge of the internals of a Desktop Computer.

As for my work experience at the the age of 14 I  took on a paper round, which I kept for 18 months. As well as this  I spent 2 weeks in Port Talbot Magistrates Court. In which I learned basics of a wide variety of jobs within the Magistrates, the majority of these being I.T based.

So getting on to the reason I joined the course, it is with the goal of achieving a career within I.T, Specifically within Video production. Game development however is my main goal with terrain development being something I’m interested in, however I would like to try out some of the other roles within this industry. Hopefully the skills I learn at ITEC will help me achieve one of these such goals.

Due to my career aims my work placement preferences would be something that could be linked in with either of my career goals. That being something  that would improve my skills, or offer a pathway to one of these careers.

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