First Week at ITeC

Hello, my name is Ash and this is the first blog I have ever written. I have never really considered a career in IT before but I know that it is a wide subject that covers a lot of areas and is present in most jobs.

I have some previous IT experience, mostly using Microsoft packages including Word, Power Point, Publisher and Excel. I used them during most of the courses I have taken to deliver lessons or presentations.

I have a lot of Customer Service based experience; my first job was as a Steward for Wembley Stadium which required me to guide customers and be on hand in case of emergency. I have also worked in retail, running a small stall in Camden Market selling casual and evening wear dresses. I then worked in The Kia Oval a cricket grounds in London. This was a mixture of admin and customer service, I answered phones during the day, dealing with sales, inquiries and complaints. I was also required to respond to customers emails in a timely fashion. I enjoyed this job very much as it was similar to what I wanted to do for a career. My most recent experience was working for Boots in Swansea which was customer service based. I then moved on to operations for the fragrance team which was warehouse work that I managed for the division on my own.

I am hoping to develop my IT skills while here at ITeC, as well as gain any qualifications I can that will help me secure a job with progression. I also want to work on my employability skills so that I am a desired candidate for any job I apply to.

In regards to work placement, I don’t mind where I work as long as it’s in an admin/secretarial position. My ideal place would be in a school or education institute as it ties in with the previous experience I have of teaching and assisting.

My long-term goals are too eventually complete my education to degree level possibly in a science based course; which is quite different to what I am pursuing at the moment. I want to gain from this experience, the ability to get a well paid job that has room for advancement. I would like to do this in the business/admin side of things as I intend to be well-rounded and able to support myself no matter the situation.

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