Laptop Repair

The tasks we carried out was to do with a fault on a laptop which we turned on the laptop to make sure error message was still there and then tested the memory. Which we found out that the 1gb stick was faulty taken out and passed the other stick of memory.

Mem test X86 attempted to try and recover files but due to error 15 couldn’t do it. Researched as a group on what the error was and found out what the error was and solved the issue.

I record my work on a job sheet so that as part of a of a work place if am unavailable then someone else could go and take over because I have left my notes explaining what I have done.

Stripped laptop down by using all different tools e.g screw drivers ESD straps plastic containers. Made sure that everything was organized so it was an easy task to put back together.

We used plastic containers to put different screws for the laptop so we could put each part in each e.g screen bezel screws in one and base plate screws in the other. At workplace use magnetic whiteboard sheet to diagram the laptop too.

Health and safety we used a ESD strap.

When putting the laptop back together took my time and but it back piece by piece made sure hinges sat correct, cables was not caught and put all things back in correct order.

taken out keyboard and screen bezel

motherboard after being stripped.



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