My Photography website

I have created a website all about photography and photographic styles, I chose this topic because I enjoy photography and know a fair bit about it.

I made my site within Dreamweaver as you can make a template easily and has a lot of compatibility for different types of script, also it is easier and quicker to update.

For my site content I got some information from Wikipedia and Weburbanartist, I chose these sites because Wikipedia gives an in depth view of the search result and Weburbanartist showed a list of styles and techniques which were relevant to my site.

I knew that Wikipedia was a trustworthy site and Weburbanartist gave good information that I know is right, through personal knowledge. For copyright on any images I used I checked they were viable with Creative Commons. I browsed the sites and collected what I needed.

I used Diigo and some screenshots to show where I got my information from and I used Flickr with a Creative Commons filter to get images. I didn’t find it to hard to find material as there is a lot of information and images of cameras and styles of photography.

At first I was designing my site in Kompozer which as outdated and hard to work out, then I switched to Dreamweaver which is much more user friendly. I changed one of my pages from a web store to a gallery as I thought it would be more appropriate to the site.

If I had more time the site could be improved visually with a cleaner theme and more interactive features, although it is informative and easy to navigate.  I made corrections to some of the grammar on the pages to make sure it reads professionally, for example I needed to make sure I hadn’t used apostrophes for plurals and used correct capitalisation for proper nouns.

In summary I think the website serves its purpose as an introduction to photography and it encourages people to try some new techniques.


About glewisitec

Hi I'm Geraint, I'm 20 years old, my interest are graphic design, drawing, tattoo design, photography and music. I'm currently working at Code3 models where we design and make bespoke models and products for the Corgi catalog, I also run my own clothing line on the side.
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