Project – Newsletter On Swansea ITeC

I have finished the newsletter I created for Swansea ITeC.

I updated and changed a lot of information on there. I also saved where I got my information on Diigo.

For the apprenticeship week I had to interview apprentices about their job roles and where they were before they started the programme.

Whilst I was doing the newsletter I learnt more IT skills and techniques on Microsoft Word. All the information I have is mainly on the Swansea ITeC website.

The strengths of my newsletter were:

  • I learnt more skills as I went along
  • Knowing how to layout newsletters
  • Knowing how to use Word
  • Knowing what information to put on there
  • Your own work & design

The Weaknesses of my Newsletter are:

  • Trying to write out sentences in a professional way
  • Not having the right template

The project could be improved more by adding a few more things to it which make it interesting, and also have someone else to help me with the project and do work on it with me. If I had more time on this newsletter I would have defiantly made it look interesting with a few more facts.

The topic of my project is about Apprenticeships at Swansea ITeC.

I chose this topic because I wanted to improve on my skills on Word, and have experience creating a newsletter. The software I used was Microsoft Word.

The software features I mainly used were the Text Box’s and the shapes tool to make the banner at the top of my newsletter.

I got my information from Swansea ITeC’s Website & Another website called Bethany Training Services (

They were good sites to use because they had a lot of information on apprenticeships. I had to interview apprentices about what they’re job roles and what they did before they done the apprenticeship.

I knew they were reliable because they had a page full of information on how to apply for an apprenticeship and what an apprenticeship is. On the Swansea ITeC website it explained ‘Apprenticeship Week’ on there with a lot of information. That’s where I got most of the information on my newsletter.

What I did about copyright was I found all the websites I used and print screened the parts where I had information from and saved them on my Diigo library for proof that I didn’t ‘steal and claim’ that the information was mine.

I found the websites by searching Apprenticeships. When I wanted to find the websites I got information on I copied the information and pasted it onto Google so the website came up straight away. I also clicked on a few links about apprenticeships on the main websites that had a few facts on there.

What went well using these IT resources is that I learn’t a lot more skills than I had before. I never used Diigo before and now I know how to use it. I didn’t know as much on Word, but now I do.

The difficult part of using the IT resources was when I first had the task to create the newsletter, because I never had experience on creating one. I used Word to create the newsletter, and I’m glad I did now because It was easy to use.

Improvements on my newsletter had to be a graph. On my first draft I didn’t have a graph of statistics of Apprenticeships 2011-2012. So the corrections on my newsletter is that I created a graph on Excel and added that onto my final draft of my newsletter.

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One Response to Project – Newsletter On Swansea ITeC

  1. Leia says:

    Was interesting to read the comments from the apprentices! Even if none of my lot appear to know the name of their programme! It’s “IT and Telecoms Professional”, guys!!!

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