For the win

For the win


For the win is a book based on ‘Gold Farming’ and how people are increasingly using the method to make real life money. The first story was about a boy called Matthew who started Gold Farming in a cyber cafe for the owner. Matthew rapidly became the best Gold Farmer in the cafe and was making money much quicker than anyone else. It didn’t take long for Matthew to realise he could make more profit from running his own setup in his room. This started well but didn’t go unnoticed as soon a group of men came and destroyed his room setup.

In the second story a boy who called himself ‘Wei-Dong’ in the game he used for Gold Farming would play with Chinese members. Wei Dong would stay up late against his fathers word and make money from lower level customers who were called ‘Gweilo’. The Gweilo would pay up front to be taken on a ‘raid’ with the experienced players. This way the Gweilo could level up quickly and collect rare items after defeating enemies. Wei Dong had been playing deep into the night again and his father noticed. This seemed like it would be the last time Wei Dong got to play the game at home.

The two stories show how Gold Farming could become addictive as it is a fun way of making real life money. I think the way Matthew was first being made to do it was wrong as it was a ‘Sweatshop’ where people work long hours for little money. Wei Dong’s Gold Farming method may also be seen as wrong as they are charging inexperienced members extra for the same experience in game. I think Wei Dong’s method isn’t as bad as the Gweilo’s aren’t being forced into it. Gold Farming overall I feel is a bad way to make money but I can’t see how laws will be able to fully remove it from online games.

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