Mobile Technology project

Mobile Technology Project 3rd Draft

Here is my mobile technology project, which goes towards my ESW ICT Level 2.  The topic of this project is on how Mobile Technology is used within my workplace of a primary school, and how effective it is at helping in a child’s education.  I chose this simply as I work in a primary school and it is clear that children, from a young age, have excellent skills with all forms of technology.  I wanted to see how well it is used, and how it is implemented in a school.  In order to create this, I primarily used Microsoft PowerPoint, for I felt a presentation would be a clear way of delivering my findings, and the use of animations would make it visually appealing.

I received my research from various sources.  My main focus was in a booklet used by our IT Technician, which expressed views and opinions from other schools, as well as a report from a teacher on the Guardian website on his views on the pros and cons within education.  I chose these as they dealt with how effective this new initiative was within a school environment.  with regards to the booklet, it was aimed at helping in education, and is designed for use within a school for promotion and further education.  as for the Guardian website, the face it was delivered by a teacher was enough for me to understand his views, and relate them to what is needed throughout education, and this was from a public newspaper site.  The specific information i found through a search engine, to find the pros and cons.

Through using IT, I was able to create a full interactive and visually appealing presentation that allowed me to create links to other documents.  For example, I set up links to Word documents and websites in order to provide further evidence, but these links could be optional, so not to bombard the audience with information.  However, finding relevant information was difficult.  As mobile technology is new, it can be very difficult to find a neutral opinion, many sites could be biased in order to promote the technology.  For this presentation, I did not need to be sold, I needed actual opinions.

The project went through various alterations.  Namely, the amount of information.  I do have a tendency to put too much information in (a sin from being a writer).  Many alterations I did included make information smaller, use bullet points, making sure all fonts and formatting was consistent, ensure all animation was the same, to make it more presentable, and ensure all images are my own, or not copyrighted.  All images were taken by myself.

In order of further improvements, I could have made it more visually appealing, more variety of colours, and maybe added in evidence, to show it being used within a school environment.

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