For The Win

People around the globe are interested in multi-player online games, questing and battling to win virtual “gold,” and “jewels” 

Character 1

Matthew Fong is one of the characters in this novel. He lives in China. His talent is Gold farming and he’s able to earn Virtual gold in a dungeon in minimal time. Playing the game Svartalfaheim Warriors with a couple of friends online. He finds a place in the game where it is possible to earn a lot in short time. 

Character 2 

Leonard Goldberg who calls himself Wei-Dong, is another one of the characters in this novel. He lives in Los Angeles. Leonard is mostly interested in playing games with his friends from China. In his team, they have an appointment helping an American boy in the game of Savage Wonderland for money. 

Character 3 

Mala is the third character in this novel. Mala moved from India to Mumbai with her mother and brother. Mala plays a game called Zombie Mecha in Mrs Dibyendu’s internet cafe. Playing the game earns her whole family a better living, so they can soon rent a new, bigger flat and her mother is no longer forced to work in the plastic factory.


2 facts – 

Gold farming has been banned. (Many game developers expressly ban gold farming in their game’s EULA or terms of service)

Some governments recognize that current regulatory systems may be ill-suited to address activities such as gold farming, have made statements concerning the sale of virtual goods.

My opinion 

My opinion of this activity is that its not really something I’d be fully interested at, but learning a bit about it has been interesting to me. I don’t think I would like to learn or read more about it as it’s not something I would really love to read or learn.



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