We’ve been reading the Novel titled “FTW” (For The Win).  So far we’ve met the characters Matthew, Leonard and Mala and all 3 of them are gamers. Matthew lives in China and he’s a talented gold farmer but as the story goes on, he is forced into working for a man who employs gold farmers but pays them little.

Leonard is a well situated american boy who is mostly interested in playing games but his father has other ideas fro him and sends him to boarding school. on the way there, the car crashes and Leonard manages to escape but later on finds himself living on his own and making a living as a Mechanical Turk

Mala is a school girl who lives in Mumbai and plays her computer games after school at an internet cafe. She also gets employed by a game employer later on in the story.

I’ve been enjoying this book so far mainly because the games in the novel are realistic and are based on the games people play today. 

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One Response to FTW

  1. Leia says:

    I thought the games sounded very convincing and fun too! Must be fun to be an author and make up games without having to do the hard work of creating them for real!

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