AoN Project

I recently finished my AoN project. My project was on cars and how they were different from each other, I chose a normal petrol car, an electric/petrol hybrid and an electric car. I chose my project because I have interest an in cars and I thought I would enjoy it. I used Microsoft Word to do my project, the software features I used on Word were clip-art and tables.

I got some information from and, they were good sites that had lots of information, I compared all the information together and averaged prices for the cars. I found most of my information on the websites I used by the use of links, sub headings and the find tool.

 Using I.T. resources was good for the project especially Diig0. The corrections and improvements I made between my first draft and final draft are I removed all the whitespace from my first draft, I gave my charts titles and made the tables fit in with the margin. If I had more Time/Skill I could have probably spruce up the pages and more pages. I double checked my calculations by using a calculator.

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One Response to AoN Project

  1. Leia says:

    Interesting! I wonder how long or how far you’d have to drive before you started saving movey with the electric/hybrid cars!

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