ERR Careers

I have learnt that the IT industry in Wales has a wide range of support from many different businesses including E-Skills and BSN. I have found that my role is more common than I originally thought. A fact that surprised me is that there are 862,700 people working in IT & Telecoms products and services in the UK. One abbreviation I had to research to find the meaning of was ITQ which stands for IT User Qualifications. Comparing an accurate job description for a job similar to mine I found that I have more technical responsibilities than others. I have found out that City & Guilds can help me further my career as they offer specific training routes tailored to the industry I work within. I found both the City & Guilds and BBC reports to be surprising. I particularly liked how informative they both were and how the evidence shows that a high wage doesn’t always bring happiness. I think City & Guilds might have vested interest in making the figures look happier to try and attract more people to the industry that they provide training for. I have found the environment I work in makes me happy, the people I work with are genuine and friendly. Also, the equipment I use is modern and up to date. I can relate to the infographic as I agree that my choices in my career have been positively influenced by my parents. My current role could let to becoming the network manager of a school or company. Although I have found out that the skills I have learnt allow me to branch out into different sectors of IT.

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