Employment Rights and Responsibilities

The IT industry in Wales is always growing and there is progression within job roles with IT which are becoming more noticeable through-out the country. My role is not that common within Wales as there is not a lot of IT support companies within Wales that are known to me but there are other IT prospects like small IT businesses which support more home users are slowly growing due to the demand in IT systems with home users. A fact that had surprised me was that 862,700 people work in IT & Telecoms products and services in the UK. I have found a typical job description of my role in the workplace and it was very similar and the only things left out was that I look after certain customers as a type of account technician so I am responsible for a section of companies and their IT. The organisations that help today’s society within IT are companies like E-Skills and City and Guilds who help people find careers in IT including apprenticeships, part or full time work. They also find new ways of getting companies involved in certain projects to improve chances of everyone having the same standards and being on the same page. It was very interesting to see the City and guilds happiness index page and to also see the BBC news report and what job roles people are most happiest in. I managed to find my job role on the BBC’s news report list and my current job is positioned at number 243 out of 274 jobs. I think that City and Guilds have a vested interest in making the figures look ‘happier’ is so that look more advertising for people to read and to also make people more aware and for it to jump out at people just browsing the website. What makes me happy in my job is that I face new and more difficult challenges everyday in work which means that I’m always learning and adding to my IT knowledge which always helps me out for future problems and issues that may arouse. I have taken a look at what my current job role may lead on to and I could progress on to team leader or area manager and then if I am still at the current company then possibly progression on to an even higher position within the company.

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