ITQ Project Review

For my ITQ Certificate I had to complete a project on a topic of my choice. I chose to do my project on BMX bikes. I did this because I enjoy riding BMX bikes in my free time. To create the project I used the Microsoft presentation application – PowerPoint. I decided upon using this program due to it’s many useful features such as; easy input of images, slide layouts, master slides and slide transitions.

I used many different websites to gather information and images for my project. Two examples of sites I used are and I knew the Olympic website was reliable because it is an official website and all the information displayed on there is regulated and checked, however the Wikipedia website can sometimes not be reliable as users can change the information at any time but for the most part the information found on there is reliable. To follow the copyright laws involved with using information from a source online I have created a slide on my PowerPoint called sources which displays all the websites that I used information and images from. To find the information on these websites, I used the search tools provided on each.

By using IT for this project it made it easier for me to constantly edit and update my project without any hassle and it allowed me to save multiple drafts with ease. It was also useful because it allowed me to use a Google chrome extension called Diigo (automated book marking tool) which allows me to save any webpages that I want to reference or use information/images from in one place. It also has a feature which lets you comment, tag and highlight specific things on webpages. However I found it quite difficult to find copyright free images to use for the project, and I had to check the permissions on all before I could use them.

Between my first and final draft I made many changes to my project such as; putting more content on the slides, rearranging and deleting some slides, changing font and text size and re-wording some information.

If I had more time and skills I could have improved on my project by perhaps inserting some more slides with other information.

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