ESW AoN project – Managers Conference

AoN Project

The subject of my AoN project, which I have recently completed, was to make travel and accommodation arrangements for my manager to in London, while he attended a conference.
My manager would be attending a conference the last Thursday and Friday of the following month and it was my job to make all decisions for him, i.e. what day he would travel, what method of transport would be best for him, where he would stay etc.

I decided to use Microsoft Word for this project. This software enables me to layout all of the information in a neat and descriptive manner. I could arrange all the information into a way which I thought was not only easy to read, but looked good at the same time. I was able to insert pictures and crop them, so I could edit out parts of the picture which weren’t needed, and I could make tables which then enabled me to create graphs out of all the information I gathered.

I used many different internet sites to gather the information I needed. Some were sites that I’ve never heard of before; others were some that I have used once or twice before. Two examples of websites that I used are:

All the sites I used were very good as they provided me with all the information I needed. They were easy to navigate and using the tool Diigo (bookmarking tool), I was then able to save the websites and go back to look at them later on.

Most of the websites used, I have seen/come across before, e.g. National Express and Websites like those I know are reliable and provide trustworthy information. All of the websites that I used had either .com or .org or in the URL, which to me, qualifies as a reliable source.

Between my first and final draft a lot of changes were made. I inputted more information and also took out information along the way. My first draft was quite minimal; not a lot of information and had quite a few pictures with no explanations. By the end, it was info-packed. Rather than just inserting the pictures and leaving them, thinking that they were self-explanatory, I put information alongside them, explaining what they were about. I put in more tables and graphs rather than paragraphs of information as this makes it all easier to understand.

If I had more time and skills, I would improve the layout of my final draft. Although I am very happy with it, I do think that a few little things could be changed (image/information layout) to make the overall appearance look better.

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