We made our start by leaving ITeC and catching the bus to the station, then a bus to Blackpill, going in two teams heading in the direction where Michael chose our first caches in ITeC, we made it fair that we could all find a cache each and sign a log book each, our team decided that the caches were too far so we ended up going to other ones that were nearer.  20140428_102026

Our first cache was awkward, it was under a tunnel with a river going through it, Dan volunteered to get that one, I couldn’t see what it was properly as our team were on the other side of the river, I could see from a distance that it was a medium sized cache, Dan said their was just a pencil in it with a log book. 20140428_121637

The next one was Ye Old Man Of Clyne, for it’s description it said it was in a tree with three trunks, it took quite a while to find but Stella eventually found it, it was a small wooden face with just a log book inside. caching - ye olde man

The third cache was a easy one, Ben found it under a tree, the description said it was in a hole under a tree next to the path, it was a large box containing a few prizes, there was chalk in it and we wrote Swansea ITeC on the rock by the tree. 20140428_144220

Our fourth was another easy one and found by Dan, it was next to a old chimney, Stella said they couldn’t find it before because the grass was long, this time the grass was short and there was just a broken slab next to the chimney, so it was quite obvious to look there and also i signed the log book for this one. 20140428_145622

The fifth and final cach was found by me, it was a big muddy hill to walk up so the team stayed back while I went up with Stella, it was a large screw top container under a tree with branches covering it, Stella had the app and pointed out the tree while i searched for it, there were a few things in it, I took a large plastic paperclip with me because it seemed like the only good thing in there. 20140428_151259

There was one we couldn’t find which was located under a bridge, apparently it was located in a hole under there, the other team gave us tips about it, they said you have to get a stick and poke things but we still couldn’t find it so eventually we went to a different cache. There was another one we couldn’t find because the app was changing the location on the gps. 20140428_142445

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One Response to Geocaching

  1. Leia says:

    Great detailed account – I feel I know what the ‘other team’ were up to all day now! We had GPS trouble in the valley a bit too.

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