Geocaching day trip

We all came into ITeC at 9:30am, and caught the bus around 10am. We went down to Black pill in Clyne Park on the 28th April. We were put into groups. In my group there was Me, James, Faye, Leia, Shane and Jason.

We found 6 and the other group 5. We all worked well as a team. James was probably one of the main people to find them straight away! We all wrote a little message on the notepads we found.

I was taking photographs and updating the ITeC Twitter Feed for our group to show and improve my Social Media skills.

We walked up this really muddy hill, we were all waiting for one person to fall.. That person was Shane! I was waiting for Faye too fall over!

I really enjoyed it. It was better than sitting in a classroom working, It was good to have fresh air and do something different.

Here are the photographs I took of our group!

I hope ITeC do something like this again! 🙂

20140428_113103 20140428_14494420140428_113433 20140428_114045 20140428_114459 20140428_142621 20140428_144727[1] 20140428_144743 20140428_144913 20140428_145250 20140428_145254 20140428_145258

20140428_111246 20140428_111910 20140428_111947 20140428_113859 20140428_120215 20140428_121957



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One Response to Geocaching day trip

  1. Leia says:

    The photo make it look really adventurous!

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