Geocaching day trip.

On the 28th April 2014, myself and several other learners from ITeC and a couple of tutors were involved in a day trip to go orienteering around Clyne woods, which is located in Blackpill. We all caught a bus from ITeC bus stop around 10am, which then got us into town for 10:15. We spent a bit of time in the bus station so we could get some food and money for the trip. We then caught the 2B bus from the bus station at 10:45.

We arrived in Blackpill around 11:10, and from there we discussed what we would be doing through the day. We decided to meet back at The Junction restaurant at 1:00pm. When we had decided on when we were going to meet back, we then separated into our groups, and then we went on our way to hunt down the caches we had decided to go for beforehand.

My group consisted of Faye and Leia as staff supervisors, and then myself, Mollie, Shane and Jason. The first cache we decided to go for was a multi-cache, which was basically a trail of clues which gave us hints for parts of the final set of GPS co-ordinates which lead to where the cache was. When we had found the multi cache, we then went on to use my phone as a GPS tracker to navigate us to the other caches in the area. In total we found 6 caches.

The trip linked in with our work on ESDGC, and its 7 key themes, for example the Natural environment was a big theme of the trip, trying to navigate through the woodlands and rummage through nature to find these caches. Choices and decisions was also a big theme; choosing what caches we were going to find in what order. We found a lot of litter while finding the caches, which shows how consumption and waste can be detrimental to the natural environment.

Overall the trip made for a very enjoyable day, with a nice amount of problem solving and team work. I’d like to think that I took a lot of extra knowledge I previously did not have, for example; that Geocaching is a real thing, I was also able to improve on my map reading skills and my teamwork and leadership skills.


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One Response to Geocaching day trip.

  1. Leia says:

    You took an great active part in the day, James – Man With the Plan! (And the map!)

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