Geocaching outing

Yesterday (28/04/14)  we went to Clyne to do some geocaching which is essentially like Easter egg hunting without the chocolate but adding a log book to sign showing you found the cache I enjoyed yesterday and would definitely go there again and bring friends that have not done geocaching before as a new experience for them.

Some aspects of ESDGC were apparent on our visit to Clyne for example while searching for caches an assessment on health and safety would be taken to see if it is safe to pursue it, or if you are prepared for what you need to obtain the cache for example wellies, torch or gloves. Another example would be the environment due to weather if its dry some areas where there were caches would be easily available where as if the weather is wet some would be less accessible due to excess amount of mud, lots of water or threat of the ground shift from underneath you should you be traversing the side of a hill or descending one. In relation to the environment again the time of year of our visit meant the plants of the Clyne Garden were flowering and they were all beautiful there mass of different colours, styles of bloom, mixtures of colours and even for some of the flowers/plants there smell best example being the wild garlic that Stella had pointed out to us which smelled exactly like garlic and though I did not try any I don’t think it would of tasted nearly as nice as it smelled.

Through our journey to Clyne, our walk around Clyne and the journey back there were very few signages that i’d noticed other than on the bus, within the bus, and in the quadrant throughout the day.

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One Response to Geocaching outing

  1. Leia says:

    Wild garlic leaves are edible, but better before it flowers. I pick it in Singleton sometimes – lovely in sarnies as part of salad stuff! We were talking about it in our group too – it was everywhere!

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