Geocaching trip

Yesterday we went geocaching down Clyne Park. Our group consisted of me, Shane, James, Molly, Faye and Leia. We started from ITeC and caught the public bus into town and then from town we caught another bus to blackpill and walked the rest of the way. Once we got there we got into our groups and set off for the first geocache. Our first one was a set of clues which once we had them all allowed us to get co-ordinates to find the cache, we ended up going through most of the park finding different places of interest due to the way the clues led us.

Our trip covered the ESDGC themes of health and safety as we covered a risk assessment before the trip which covered what we would need such as appropriate footwear gloves and torches. We also covered natural environment because of the area we were in and the time of year we went. There was a lot of Welsh language in the park as most signposts and maps were written in English and welsh.

I felt the entire team worked well together and we had a good result of getting six caches over the course of the day.

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One Response to Geocaching trip

  1. Leia says:

    I think six is the most I’ve ever managed in a day! Da iawn pawb!

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