My Day Out Geocacheing with Swansea ITeC

Yesterday our group went to Clyne Park to take part in a Geocaching exercise.

Geocaching is like a scavenger hunt using the GPS functionality on your smartphone, people will go out into the world and hide packages big and small, and then list their GPS coordinates online along with a description and a clue to help people find it.
When you find it you are supposed to fill in the logbook within with the date that you found it, and if you want you can leave a small souvenir inside.

We split up into groups and went about finding the caches that we decided to look for, my group (The cool group) managed to find 5 caches in Clyne, I think we did really well!

We did a lot of walking during the day, as we had to walk 2km up-hill to get to our first two caches, and then walk back for lunch, I think that would come under ESDGC Health, as we were getting a lot of exercise with all the walking we did.

We worked together as a team and made decisions that we all agreed on, members of the team expressed their point of view and discussed our options before agreeing on a course of action to take, this would come under Choices And Decisions in the ESDGC.

The activity took place in Clyne Park, which is a site of natural beauty, it’s full of trees, wonderful flowers and landscapes.
A lot of birds and other creatures inhabit the woods, as well as people.
I think it would come under the ESDGC, The Natural Environment.

Geocaching in Clyne Park was very fun, it was a wonderful day out and I’d love to do it again sometime!

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One Response to My Day Out Geocacheing with Swansea ITeC

  1. Leia says:

    I think it’d be nice to set a few cahce of our own out for people to find too!

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