ESW Project – Wet Weather Gear

ESW Project FINAL Wet Weather Gear Presentation2nd draft Application of Number project Record

Here is my project, which goes towards my ESW ICT and AoN Level 2.  The topic of this project is about our Forest School section within the Primary School, and the stocking of wet weather gear (waterproof coats, trousers and dungarees) for the children.  I chose this subject as I work with the teacher in charge of the Forest School, and it is often my dty to check the supplies and keep the store room tidy.  In order to create this, I primarily used Microsoft Excel to create a spreadsheet, for i was going to be using a great deal of numbers, such as quantities, sizes and prices, and Excel allows for arrangement of this data, and allows for summing up all numbers and creating clear tables.  However, all the information I created on Excel I then transferred over to a Microsoft Word document, so I could clearly write explanations and deliver a laid out report.  In addition, Microsoft PowerPoint was used, for I felt a presentation would be another clear way of delivering my findings, and the use of animations would make it visually appealing.

I received my research from various sources.  My main focus was in supply catalouges we use within the school.  I also looked online, particularly trying to find the suppliers of what we already had in stock.  I felt the information I collected was efficient and reliable as they dealt with the actual suppliers we use within the school, and have done business with them before successfully.

Through using IT, I was able to create a full interactive and visually appealing presentation and document that allowed me to create links to other documents.  For example, I set up links to Word documents and websites in order to provide further evidence, but these links could be optional, so not to bombard the audience with information.  However, finding relevant information was difficult.

The project went through various alterations.  Namely, the amount of information.  As I focused on the suppliers we currently used, there was not enough information to do comparisons.  Therefore, searching for other suppliers online, I broadened my horizons to research other styles of wet weather gear, and find alternative prices and suppliers.  Many alterations I did included make information smaller, making sure all fonts and formatting was consistent and creating reports using Microsoft Access, creating a Database to view all items by what they were and grouping them together

In order of further improvements, I could have made it more visually appealing, more variety of colours, and maybe added in evidence, to show it being used within a school environment and how well the children are kept dry within the Forest School Environment.

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