Finishing ITQ

I have finished my studying at Swansea ITeC and have thoroughly enjoyed.  thank you so much everyone.

As you may know, I am a writer, and being a little cheeky here, :-), I wish you to give you a list of my work.  At present, all are available from  If you buy, I hope you enjoy.

Short story (The Lonely One) in Tales of the Undead: Suffer Eternal Volume 3.

Short story (Rebecca’s Reflection) in Tales of the Undead: Hell Whore Volume 3.

Short story (Festival of Nydogun) in Undead of Winter.

Short story (The Repo-man) in Dark in the Limelight

Short story (The Sentinel) in Plague (currently only available on

2 Short stories (The Girl in the Glass Coffin and The Feast of Hamelin) in Dark Fairy Tales Revisited.

Short story (Born and Bred) in Serial Killers Quattour

Cyfaill Ddraig, a children’s novel.

Through a Silver Eye, the first of sixteen horror novels.

If you search any one of these on amazon and click on my name, Carl Thomas Fox, you will be sent to my author page that has a list of all my work.  there are many more to come, including a short story in an anthology called Fractured Realms, where all profit goes to the autism fund.  An anthology called Feast or Famine is out next month with another short story in, and at present I am working on the sequel to Through a Silver Eye, called Of Juniper and Roses.

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