Jason finding our first cache.

On Monday we went Geocaching, I was in a group, with Mollie, Jason, James, Faye and Leia. We caught a bus from ITeC to get to town and then we caught a bus to Blackpill and we walked the rest of the way. When we got there we separated into our groups, and then we went to find our first geocache which was a multicache, which was a cache with clues to find the co-ordinates for the final cache, It took us all over the park.
We saw the manor house which was well maintained. We did alot of walking through the mud and gardens.

We walked through the Clyne Activity Centre where we saw horses.


A very muddy path

We worked well as a team everyone had their own responsibilities.



Me after falling over.

Overall it was a fun trip, we found 6 geocaches, I was the first and only person to fall over, I enjoyed the trip geocaching our team worked well together, some of the caches were easy because of suspicious looking piles of sticks.

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