Being the other side of the fence

Soooo…  my turn to do some learning.  Since we ask our learners to keep a blog of their learning I thought I would too.  So here we are…

I’ve been signed up (with my consent!) to the e-skills funded Pathways to Digital Growth programme to do ITIL.  ITIL is a fairly well recognised industry standard about the management and control of tech support – making it more efficient and controlled.

This is the easiest explanation I’ve found…

I know a bit about it already – I use resources based on it to give my Level 3 technicians examples of ‘proper’ documentation and procedures.  It is heavy on management speak which is a bit of a concern.  I have a low tolerance for waffle!  Also a bit of a concern is the e-learning software in use.  I’m also not a huge fan of old-school e-learning of the ‘click to read the next bullet point’ style of delivery and the particular software has had mixed feedback from the other learners who’ve used it.  It’s very close to the exam coverage, which is great, but tech wise it can most kindly be described as ‘flaky.’  At least, it is when used via ISA Server, as it does run far better on my tiny netbook at home than ITeC’s PCs.  (Yay Linux!)  Only problem there is the scrolling about on the small screen.

I couldn’t find an initial assessment as such so launched in by straight away having a go at the course test just to give myself a starting level.  40 questions with of which I got 18 right.  45%…  Blind guessing alone should have given me at least 25% since it’s multichoice so 45% is quite reassuring as somewhere to start.  The passmark appears to be 65% or 26 marks so I’m not too daunted in terms of the learning curve.

Yet anyway…

Nine units in six weeks however may prove challenging.  The courseware has these units varying from 1 to 2.5 hours in terms of the reading but obviously doesn’t include revision, practise or background research if I’m stuck.  I’ve already had to look up a few things to clarify the more waffly terms.  (What they mean by “non-prescriptive’ was the first).   Google “Search by reading level” is useful to filter the waffle.

I’ve started a Diigo tag to keep my notes together.

I’ve done the first section of the first unit which is mostly about “what’s the point” and non entirely insignificant amount of backslapping. (Or as they put it “identify the reasons for ITIL®‘s success”  Looking forward to the meatier stuff, particularly the operational side.

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