My name is Adam Dunley and I am from Port Talbot. I am a keen musician and have played in different bands around the Swansea area. Apart from music, I enjoy playing sports including football and played for my local football team ‘Trefelin’ for 8 years.

I am currently working at a company called ‘Swansea Creatives’ as a marketing assistant and have worked there since November 2013. As part of my job, I am expected to undertake different tasks for different clients from various industries such as monitoring and improving their social medias and business websites as well as working on their SEO so they become the first result on Google for keyword relating to the clients industry. As part of my role, I may be asked to focus on a clients social media, by using different software available to generate ‘likes’ for their Facebook page or ‘followers’ on the company’s twitter page. I may also be asked to do research and undertake different actions to improve a clients SEO.

After I left school in 2010, I attended Neath College for two years where I studied music technology. This course taught me how to produce songs using software such as cubase. I also learnt how to master the songs and give them a CD quality. Other areas I learnt about where live sound where I had to mix the sound for live performances, DJ’ing, including DJ’ing twice in a live club environment and creating a radio show and sound for TV adverts.

After I left college, I found employment at a Swansea based call center as a claims handler. My job would include calling people in regards to making a PPI claim or assist them in making a personal injury claim.

I initially joined ‘Swansea Creatives’ on a ‘jobs growth Wales’ scheme before joining ‘Swansea ITeC’ in May 2014. So far I have learned what my roles and responsibilities are as a learner, and what conduct is expected of me in order to be kept on the scheme. I have also learned about the different aspects of the foundation apprenticeship I have enrolled on. On my induction day, I was briefed on the health and safety regulations and what I should do in the event of an emergency or how to report a potential hazard when I am in or around the building. I was then given a tour of the building and shown where the nearest fire exits where among the other facilities on offer to learners within the building.

My aim is to pass the course comfortably and without any hitches before going onto doing the higher apprenticeship.

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