Hello, my name is James Adams and I live in the lovely little town of Gorseinon. I have a very strong love and interest in electronic music, one of my hobbies is actually DJ’ing, I love mixing music in my spare time or at parties that my friends host. I’m very much interested in fitness, I have recently developed a new love for hiking, about a few months ago, I camped up in the Brecon Beacons for two nights and it was brilliant.

After School, I applied for two courses in Gower College (Gorseinon Campus) which was a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Public Services, and ASDAN Level 1 in Volunteering, I applied for Public Services, because it is a very broad course, it covers a lot of different areas that I will need to know in life, such as Citizenship and Diversity, Health and Safety out of and inside the work place. Through college I developed new interests, one of them I mentioned earlier which was Hiking, I’ve also attempted surfing, which isn’t one of my strong areas.

Currently I’m working as an apprentice in ‘AB Glass’ through ITec, they’re a company that manufactures, designs and sells PvC products. I’ve only been there just under two weeks, so it’s all very new to me. My role within the work place is ‘procurement’ which is inputting prices of materials the company has bought, handling how much money we spend on certain materials, chasing clients for delivery dates/prices. I also do usual office work as well, such as faxing over documents of recent sales, and sale acknowledgment’s, copying the documents and making calls to clients about prices. So far I am really enjoying the work despite some bits being a bit daunting.

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One Response to Introduction

  1. Leia says:

    Welcome to the course. You’ll find those Citizenship, Diversity, Health and Safety useful in this course too.

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