Career ERR

Today I have learned that there are many jobs like I.T support in schools and company’s around Wales that don’t know anything about computers. In the I.T role in Wales and it is going to increase over the next couple of years in Wales. My current job is not that common in Wales that most people don’t know or how to run a server or manger one because it is such a big task and they are uncommon to find in the UK.

There are many places in the UK like e-Skills and BCS who can help you get a job in the I.T sector.  That can help you have a job in the I.T line of work and it is going to become more common that the more you know about I.T and computer the better of a chance you will get a job in the I.T industry.

I can also see that many I.T jobs in the UK are for Developing website and I.T administrator because company’s that don’t have a website is losing out on a growth in the business because people for online for jobs and items to buy online rather then go down the local shop and buy it.

I will look forward to see people in my line of work in the next coming years.

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