IOL Confidence

Yesterday, we had Faye teaching us in the morning about how to create a presentation on PowerPoint.

We had been given the task of choosing an I.T related topic to do a presentation and then to show the presentation to rest of the class later on in the afternoon. Faye taught us about how to present ourselves when giving a presentation and things like body language, how much research to do, enthusiasm and to project our voices so that the audience could hear us clearly.

We were then split into pairs and I was working with Luke. Luke and I decided to do our presentation on how I.T helps with research and I enjoyed doing this project because I learned valuable skills regarding PowerPoint and how to boost my confidence when giving a presentation. Just after lunch we then had Mair to just elaborate and confirm what Faye had spoken about.

Mair also showed us her presentation as an example. I’m going to use the skills I’ve learned for future presentations. Yesterday’s workshop really boosted my confidence seeing as I thought I was confident enough but ultimately, I wasn’t.

I was very nervous when we were giving our our presentation as I had never done that before, but I slowly adapted to it and in the end it was very useful. After Luke and I presented out project, it was James and Shane to present theirs next. I found their presentation very well planned and structured out brilliantly. Then lastly, it was time for Janet and Travis to present theirs.I thought that their presentation was good and it had nice a colourful design, however, I felt that they needed more practice in terms of speaking to the audience with confidence.

I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s workshop and I’m really hoping that we do activities and tasks like that in the future.

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