ITIL Workflow and 2nd unit.

So a bit about my study method for this very jargon-heavy course…  I navigate mainly from the Progress & Tests section to keep focus on the end result!  Workflow looks like this…

  1. Do the pre-test.
  2. Read through the material. Auto-advance firmly turned off because certain sections are too heavy for me to read at that speed.  Audio turned off because it’s the same text as is on screen and I can read faster than he can talk on the simpler sections.
  3. Do the “en route” questions.
  4. If I get them wrong then it’s either a “oh drat I should have known that” – which I ignore or a “I don’t get it.”
  5. For the “don’t get its” go back and reread the section, this time taking notes.  (Here in this blog)
  6. Do the question against referring to notes.
  7. If I get them right this time then great, move on.  If not research online for better explanation.  Starting with the two blogs.
  8. Do the Course Test.  (Which is really a unit test…)
  9. Look at the pattern of scores – hoping for at least a further 50% over the pre-test and a total of better than 85% to get a 10% buffer against the pass mark.
  10. Redo any sections where the mark was below 80%

I’m also using a system of “spaced repetition” for the revision – so I redo the Course (unit!) tests at intervals of 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks. to ‘top up’ the memorisation.

Found a good guide to tackling the multichoice questions here.

And a good piece of amusement to help me bear the old-school e-learning here…

“Welcome to the course Online Responsibility,” a too-perfect male voice intones while you stare at a stock photo of a man who’s grinning idiotically at a computer.

You lunge for the Next button, but you’re not allowed to click it until the droning man finishes, which he finally does while you’re in another browser tab, watching a video of a cat playing the piano.

In corporate L&D, our learners are adults who can read for themselves, and they do it a heck of a lot faster than a narrator talks.

Cathy Moore

Unit 2: Service Strategy Fundamentals

I don’t find strategy tremendously engaging so was relieved to get 77% on pre-test. I was best on general concepts and lowest on “Create value with assess and services” – only 47% (That was also the lowest on completing the unit with 78% of which more below…)

Had a brief mutter of splutter when the “people as resources” slide was presented as a cog…  Way to motivate the workforce, guys! 😉

Still getting a certain amount of “Wha…?”

Tha.. wha...?

The people sitting on the floor are are back at the end of each unit I found.  They are The Summary People…

The stuff I had to go back over…

Value from the customer viewpoint

  • Can be provided at different levels.

Made up of…

  • perceptions
    • previous experience
    • difference from competitors
    • self image
    • position in market
  • reference value
    • cost of DIY
    • level of service from competitor
  • economic value
    • difference from reference value (can be positive or negative
    • positive effect from utility + warranty

“Strategic Position” vs “Strategic Plan”

Got it wrong every time don’t know why!  Getting 78% in this section as opposed to 85% upwards in the others.  A bother.

  • Position
    • differentiation from competition
    • What services and level
    • what customers
  • Plan
    • budgets
    • service portfolio (how is this different from “what services” – not sure!)
    • new developments
    • investment in assets
    • improvements


The kind of question I trip over is…

Stuck - plan or position 1

Which of the remaining items is “plan” and which “perspective”?  They look almost identical to me.  After making further notes I decided that the first one was “perspective” as it mentions specific customers.  This turns out to be the right answer, but whether it’s for the right reason I remain uncertain!

Still, on we go.  More strategy next and my timetable is starting to slip.  Should have worked on it at the weekend instead of moving house.

Oh wait…


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