Leia’s Laptop repair

Leia came to me and James with a task, we were told to take a look at her laptop and try to figure out what’s wrong with it, and then try to fix the problem.

We were told that the laptop often crashes and takes a while to start up and perform any tasks, and also suffers from intermittent blue screens.

First we started it up to see if it passed the POST, which it did with no problem, but it was quite slow to start up and the battery can’t hold a charge so it had to be plugged into the charger at all times.

After that we opened an application to see if that would work, which it did, all be it quite slowly, then tested to see if it would close, which it did again, also slowly.
So far we could see that the laptop was indeed quite slow but we hadn’t witnessed any blue screens yet.

We then proceeded to run a virus scan to look for any spyware or malware slowing the computer down, after installing ‘Avast!’ and running a quick scan we found nothing malicious on the hard drive.

We thought that we should try to induce a blue screen to see what sort of code it came up with, so we ran ‘Heavyload’ to push the components to the limits, but the test ran for 10 minutes, pushing all components to 100% capacity, with no problems whatsoever.

We did a test of the system files to look for any abnormalities, and found that crucial operating system files were missing, and that that is most likely the cause of the blue screens, the only way to fix this would be to re-install the operating system, but we didn’t have a copy of that version of windows so we uninstalled it and installed Linux Zorin Lite instead, we installed the lite version because it’s better for low spec machines.

Everything seems to be fine now, the laptop starts up fairly quickly and, in general, doesn’t run as slowly as it used to.



Leia’s laptop running Zorin


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