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After today’s workshop, I have found out quite a bit about the IT industry in Wales. I have discovered that the IT industry is rapidly growing in Wales but not enough people have the skills needed to fully take advantage of IT. There are a few organisations that can help me and other people expand their knowledge and skills in IT and they are Swansea Itec, BCS, E-Skills and CompTIA.

These organisations offer many different qualifications for people to gain. BCS can offer the ‘Digital Creator and ITQ’ qualification, Comp-TIA can offer the ‘A+ and Network + Technician’ qualification and e-skills can offer the ‘SkillSoft IT Professional’ qualification.

My role in work is an IT Technician which I believe is a growing job field in Wales, so the role is becoming more common than it was maybe 5 years ago. The thing that makes me happiest in my work is that everything is quite laid back so I am able to work happily while talking to my colleagues. I think that most jobs wouldn’t allow this as most job bosses would believe that talking is a distraction to your work. I think that my current job role at work won’t lead me anywhere in my workplace currently, but I believe being an IT Technician will help me achieve work at other workplaces.

One fact that surprised me from the workshop is that three different companies are employee board members for e-skills wales and they are BT, the NHS and the Welsh Assembly Government. Another fact is that if I wanted to buy a BCS Student Membership for a year, it would cost me £35.

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