I.T in Wales

Today I have learned about the I.T industry in Wales, the I.T industry in Wales is growing at a very fast rate, it’s the fastest growing industry in Wales. I learned about some organisations that can help people learn and develop their I.T skills, companies like E-Skills and ITeC can assist people in developing their skills in the I.T sector.

I hope to go into an I.T practitioner role in the future, as the I.T industry is growing I believe that there will be a high demand for people who can fix the problems that people and computers run into, so developing my hardware, software and support skills are my top priorities to help me develop further, so I can find a job in the future.

I was surprised to learn about how much money could be pumped into the Welsh economy if companies continue to use and adopt I.T, £1.1 Billion is estimated to be made in the next 5-7 years.


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