IT Industry in Wales

During my training session, I’ve found a few facts out regarding the impact of the IT industry within Wales. For instance how the IT-based businesses that’s sole purpose is to provide IT-related services is directly responsible for 5% of Wales’s Total Revenue.

I’ve also found out that 39,000 people work within the IT and Telecoms sector, estimating to roughly 1-33 people within the working population.

I’ve also found that my current role within the IT sector is quite uncommon due to the specialized nature of my job. However, the need for people within the IT sector with technical skills and qualifications is on the rise. However, there is a severe gap within the Educational sector for IT which is causing a severe lack of these potential employees. For instance, A Level Computing has had a severe impact with a decrease in the number of students applying to the course has dropped by 63% since 2004.

I found this very surprising due to the potential for economic growth within the job roles that can be obtained through the procuration of this A Level.

There are various organisations that can help within the IT Sector. These include Skills Academy Wales, Swansea ITeC, E-Skills etc. They provide various training courses and events which can help train and re-enforce a persons IT Skills in an extensive range of sectors.

My current role within my job has the potential for various different paths. Such as a managerial position, senior technical position etc. I look forward to the future of my role within the IT Sector.

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