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E-skills Pathways to Digital Employment initiative funded my CompTIA A+ certification which I am set to take exams very soon. I found and applied for the course on the E-skills website

Lucky enough, I was accepted for a place on the 10 week program and in to cut the story short the rest is history 🙂

I was enabled and empowered by staff to apply myself constructively in searching for employment and training. As previously discussed The program was 10 weeks at Swansea iTec and within 6 weeks I was employed.

The apprenticeship was with Quciklink Video Distribution which iTec will be my training provider. The value of the funded course with E-skills has been remarkable and gained me the first stpes into a successful career change. My role at Quicklink is an apprentice IT Technician/hardware software tester.

I found out that the IT industry is set to be 5% of the Welsh economy. However, manufacturing and engineering is 25% which has a direct link to IT resources. It surprised me that the public sector is only 6% of Welsh economy but excites about the future of IT practitioners in Wales

My current role could lead on to a number of different roles within IT. I am learning and growing with my business and hope to be involved in networking in the future




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