Game over Zeus (virus 2014)

The virus Zeus is malware that is particularly despicable. Once  your computer is infected it cannot be stopped and it will encrypt all of your files!

One way to prevent it is to delete all unknown emails. For example emails from friends and family should be fine, but any emails that you are suspicious of or from unknown people could contain all link to malware or this virus.

Another way to avoid this threat and other similar issues is to keep your anti virus up to date at all times and scan regularly. Also scan your computer with a malware programme to keep you clean and running fast. Crucially you should always make backups of the computer’s operating system/ recovery disk and personal data to prevent loss.

If you are unfortunate enough to get this virus you should immediately move all important data from the computer to an external hard drive or a USB flash drive. These measures will prevent malware from stealing your details or attempting to take money from you.

I have been to this website and found a lot of useful advice on how to protect and stay away from this new virus.

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