ITIL Design

This unit I have been mostly….  bashing my head against the new user interface!  For some utterly unfathomable reason this has decided to order the units in alphabetical order rather than the order in which it makes sense to complete them.


As a side effect I did get to use the livechat support though.  They couldn’t fix it but at least they sympathized…

Not sure they’ve used ITIL processes in this upgrade rollout… 😉

I went through a bit of a slump this unit.  Design of services is not something I find remotely interesting really and with my NVQ hat on all of the questions I’m being asked seem of the low level “identify” “recognise” type of spotting the right jargon in a list (or most commonly, questions which bit of which process give which benefits) rather than the higher order skills of “Describe”, “Explain” which show more real world understanding.

It’s hard at present to determine whether this is a weakness of ITIL itself or of Skillsoft’s approach to delivery.  You can’t automate the marking of “describe” as cheaply and easily you can with “identify” of course.

Though there is the occasional outbreak of common sense…


A certain level of management knowhow appears to be assumed.  There’s a lot of occasions where I fall over things like:

“A metrics tree is based on a typical balacned scorecard”

Oh.  Is it?  Well that explains everything!  There’s a popup offering:scorecard

Oh good.  I might need a bit more than that…  More research reveals it’s a management-theory term.  Diigo below…

    • tags: itil

      • The balanced scorecard suggests that we view the organization from four perspectives, and to develop metrics, collect data and analyze it relative to each of these perspectives:
      • The Learning & Growth Perspective (ITIL seems to slot “Innovation” here instead.)
      • The Business Process Perspective
      • The Customer Perspective
      • The Financial Perspective

    Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here

In further research I found some good mindmaps for core concepts – they’ll be on the wall!

Revision notes / stuff I get wrong in recap tests Prob more detail they anyone other than me will want to read…

Metrics tree examples – need more, can’t spot the examples in real life.

Service strategy process score low but is it statistical – only 9 questions where most units are more like 12.  Hopefully.

“Using assets to create value”

  • assets = resourses or capabilities
    • resources = info, infrastructure, applications (not just the software sort), finance
    • capabilities = organisational, process, knowledge, mangement

Key Activities of SLM

  • negotiating
    • designing Sla frameworks
    • requirements
    • SLRs
    • contacts/relationships
  • monitoring
    • getting info
    • improving satisfaction
  • reporting
    • performance
    • complaints and compliments
  • reviewing
    • & revising agreements and SLAs
    • improvements to consider
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